Mike And Savannah

Mike and Savannah Eaddy are a husband and wife team that came together over 4 years ago. Mike fell in love with photography as a kid and started living his dream of being a photographer over 25yrs ago. Mike has been published in magazines and news papers, and was featured on MTV. Aside from his work as a wedding, family and pageant photographer he is honored to work beside the local police dept as their chief photographer in the many charity events they hold each year as well as South Lynches Fire Dept. Mike is one of those rare and gifted photographers who creates images that are personal and meaningful. Mike is a real people person with a gregarious personality that will bring out the best in people. Savannah also had dreams of being a photographer growing up and picked up her first camera 18yrs ago. She has been shooting with Mike for over 4yrs now and together they create an unstoppable team. This dynamic duo will give you a session that is diverse and special, capturing your personality in every image the way only they can!

Savannah Eaddy is also avalible for Wedding Consultations and full Wedding Day Planning Services. See Pricing page for details.

Photo taken by Jessica Yakamna